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Earliest Mother Goddess Statue Found

Statue of mother Goddess dating back to 3rd Century B.C. discovered by Archaeological Survey of India at Sri Chalukya Kumara Bheemeswara Swamy temple at Samarlakota in East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh near Kakinada

February 16, 2012
Earliest image of Mother Goddess found

The first-ever ‘Mother Goddess’ image carved in sandstone rock — representing the earliest perception of idolising woman as Goddess dating back to 3 Century BC — has been found close to the Sri Chalukya Kumara Bheemeswara Swamy temple at Samarlakota near Kakinada in East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh.

Archaeological Survey of India’s Superintending Archaeologist R. Krishnaiah, told The Hindu that while conducting an exploration around the Bheemeswara Swamy temple to ascertain its origin and antiquity, their Deputy Superintending Archaeologist D. Kanna Babu discovered the stunning and unique image of a seated mother goddess (Yakshini), in a remote corner outside the temple.

The centuries old temple is revered as one of the ‘Pancharama Kshetras.’ From the archaeological research point of view, the ‘mother goddess’ sculpture was a rare discovery, said Mr. Krishnaiah. This find would be vital for reconstructing the cultural life of ancient Andhra, the origin and evolution of early cultural art. This idol was believed to be from the Ashoka period in 3 Century BC.

Samarlakota might have played a vital role with prominent cultural activity from the early times dating back to the 11 century Chalukya period, he added. “We will conduct more explorations in the near future to bring out archaeological richness of the ancient Godavari Valley,” he said.

The archaeologist Mr. Babu, who made the discovery, said that such an early image of Mother Goddess had not been found so far in entire South India in stone media. The highly eroded sandstone sculpture is 150 cm tall, 67 cm wide and 28 cm thick life-size form of a Mother Goddess seated on a broad pedestal.

“Her facial physiognomic feature is roundish, dignified with chubby cheeks, wide open eyes, a broad heavy nose, and close cut tender pair of lips. She is potbellied, her arms and wrists are embellished with a series of big bangles and she is wearing earrings. The head is covered with a beautiful head-dress, but it is in a deeply eroded state.”

The drapery covers her waist, hanging down between her legs and bears folds. Hands rest on her thighs and hold something which the ASI presumes are foodgrain. Mr. Babu says these features have striking similarities with the unique Yaksha, Yakshini images unearthed at important cultural sites like Beta, Patna, Deedarganj, Lauria, Nandanagarh, and Amaravathi of the Mauryan period.

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fernngully said: I always felt the same way about lab created pieces, before I had worked with a piece in my mind I assumed I wouldnt be able to connect with it the way I do natural stones but then one day I was given a Citrine point as a gift and the energy I felt from it was astounding, I had never felt such a strong vibration before and its my go to stone to carry with me, sleep with and meditate with. I guess it just all depends on the person/stone :)

Thanks for your input and experience :)
Perhaps I just haven’t found a Lab created stone yet that works for me.

Lab Created Vs. Natural

When it comes to working with Stones and Crystals, I would say I’m not a beginner but I’m no where near advanced either!

I think that I love being the Manager of the Jewelry department because I get to be around stones and crystals all day within the jewelry I sell.

Now, just like in our Metaphysical Practice, Jewelry also has Lab created stones and Crystals and Natural Genuine stones and Crystals.

The beautifully refreshing Citrine that we all know and love is actually Lab created from Quartz (most of it). Most Citrine that we work with in all it’s yellow/Gold beauty is actually Quartz heated in a lab, which alters it’s chemistry, making it what we know. A REAL Natural Citrine crystal from the earth looks much different.

Natural Citrine mined from the earth:

Lab Created Citrine:

Some don’t mind working with Lab created or Lab altered Stones and Crystals, and some don’t mind wearing Lab Created or Natural.

I suppose it’s all in how we connect and what we feel. But for me, I find it hard to work with Lab Created stones and Crystals Vs the stones and Crystals that are mined naturally. I don’t feel the same vibrations and or properties coming from Lab created stuff.

I do feel that Lab Created stuff does have properties and it does work for some things but I feel it’s strength is dull.

Citrine is just an example, there are others.
Anyone else have thoughts on Lab Created Vs. Natural??
Experienced working with both and feel any difference?

A Fun Yummy Cocktail for Samhain

This is what I will be serving at my Samhain/Halloween party this year!
A yummy cocktail called The Salem Witch


  • 1/2 oz Vodka
  • 1/2 oz Raspberry schnapps
  • 1/2 oz Midori melon liqueur
  • Splash Lime juice
  • Splash Grenadine
  • Fill with 2/3 Sour mix
  • Fill with Soda water

Mixing instructions:

In a collins glass with ice, pour vodka, midori, and raspberry schnapps. Add a splash of lime juice. Fill 2/3 with sour mix and the rest with soda water (or seltzer). Stir gently, and finally top with a splash of grenadine.

Love this!!! Had to buy it! (Taken with Instagram)

Love this!!! Had to buy it! (Taken with Instagram)

My 31st Birthday last night with my girls Brittany and Ghislaine!

My 31st Birthday last night with my girls Brittany and Ghislaine!

midnightautumnrain said: So... Browsing through the pagan tag and OH. WHAT UP. IT'S BRITTANY. Hey :D <3

Hey Sweetie!!!!!
So glad to see you here!